GED TEST INFORMATION - GED TESTING CENTER.The GED Test (5 Tests in the GED Testing Battery).

There are many adults without a traditional high school diploma. These adults didn't complete a high school program of instruction. Even though their formal education was interrupted long ago, they have stil continue to learn through experiences encountered in everyday life. The GED Certifiate Testing Program provides an opportunity for these adults to document their acquired knowledge from such educational experiences evaluated and recognized. The Ged Test and the Ged Certificate provide an alternative route for many adults to acheive occupational and post-secondary educational success.

So whether your pursuing post-secondary education, an entry-level job, a promotion to further your career, or just to achieve a personal goal: The GED Test may be the best route of action for you. The GED Certificate is an internationally accepted document.

There are five tests (referred to as a "battery" of tests) in the General Educational Development (GED Tests)

  • Language Arts, Writing
  • Science Language Arts, Reading
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Mathematics

GED Tests (Each Test) require a passing score. Passing Score Requirements are indicated below:

The American Council on Education sets the minimum requirements to pass each of the five test, before a GED Credential can be issued. A standardized scoring of 410 on each test, minimun is required; along with an overall average on all test being a 450 minimum.

Here is what you'll find in the 5 Test GED Testing Battery:

Language Arts Test - Writing Section Part I, 50 Questions, 75 minutes max.
Language Arts Test - Writing Section, Part II, Essay, 45 minutes max.
Social Studies Test - Part 1 of 1, 50 questions, 70 minutes max.
Science Test - Part 1 of 1, 50 questions, 80 minutes max.
Language Arts Test - Reading Section, 40 questions, 65 minutes max.
Mathematics Test - Part I, 25 questions with optional use of a calculator (provided), 45 minutes max.
Mathematics Test - Part II, 25 questions without a calculator, 45 minutes max.

Except for the items noted below, you will find multiple-choice type questions on the GRD Test.
 EXCEPTION: Part II of the Language Arts, Writing Test, requires a written essay.
 EXCEPTION: Mathematics Test, some questions require answers to be plotted on a grid.


The GED Test measures how well a person has mastered the skills and knowledge that would otherwise be learned during a four-year high school education. But at the same time - it is formulated knowing that the average GED Test Taker, has not been enrolled in any type of formal education in recent years.